7 Things You Should Know About Avon from RepFest 2018

This month is Avon Representative Appreciation Month, below you will find an email from Avon that was sent to all Representatives with very important information, and I will also share with you 7 things you should know about Avon from RepFest 2018!

Avon Representative Appreciation Month

For the first time ever, we’re introducing Representative Appreciation Month, a month-long program filled with daily giveaways, incentives, recognition, events, and so much more all in honor of you. Every Monday, starting Monday, August 6, tune into Facebook Live to hear what’s in store for you in the week ahead. We’ll also be giving away cool prizes like iPads, MacBook Air computers, professional lighting kits you can use for your Facebook Lives, and so much more. Wow! All you have to do is reach $100 in award sales or more prior to the drawing to receive an entry. And your $100+n award sales will earn you 1 entry in each Campaign during the month (up to 4 entries) for the Grand Prize Drawing- a trip to New York City complete with Spa days, cash, hot electronics, gift cards, and much, much more. Visit the Success Center on youravon.com on Monday, July 30 for all the details.

Share The Love

Share The Love has Been Extended to the end of Campaign 18, August 21, 2018. There is more time to recruit and share this amazing business opportunity with everyone, face-to-face or online!

Share the Love- 7 things you need to know about Avon
Share the Love- Start Your Avon Business

Online Store Orders Only

Customers who place their orders of $25 or more will receive FREE SHIPPING, and if they spend $50 or more they will receive a free gift with purchase, a $65 value, August 12-18, 2018.

Avon is giving away $150,000 cash!

We’re giving away $150,000 cash, and you can earn entries for the drawing by beating your personal sales goals in Campaigns 20-24. Cash prizes range from $500 all the way up to $25,000, so sell and recruit your way to big winnings!

Two ways to enter:

1. Early Entry Offer: Receive an early entry into the drawing for each pack of C-19 Brochures you order above and beyond what you ordered in C-18.

2. Beat Your Sales Goal: From C-20 to C-24 receive an entry for every $100 sale increase over the same Campaign from the prior year.


Get off to a strong start by placing an order in both Campaign 20 and 21, AND when you meet your personalized sales goal you’ll be rewarded with an exclusive
“My Why” Locket Necklace. Your reason for joining Avon is called your “Why”.

Our founder, David H. McConnell started this company over 100 years with the dream of giving women financial independence. He used the oak tree as a symbol of our growing success. Achieve this necklace and carry this symbol and your reason for being a part of Avon with you wherever you go. Your incentive sales goal to earn the “My Why” Locket Necklace is based on your prior year’s award sales for C20-C21 2017. New Representatives who joined Campaign 20, 2017 or later will start with a goal of $300

AVON Does NOT Test On Animals

Avon has finally released important information regarding the controversial subject of animal testing, we want to share with you that Avon does not test on animals any Avon products purchased in the U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico.

Double Dollars for RepFest 2018 Attendees

Double Dollars contribute to your Award Sales totals, helping you earn more recognition and reach President’s Club and above. For RepFest 2018 attendees in Campaign 19, will be able to earn double dollars.

YourAvon.com (site for representatives) is getting a makeover!

Youravon.com is getting a makeover, Avon 2.0 will be introduced on August 6, 2018. Current representatives will have the choice of switching to 2.0 Starting August 8, 2018, all new representatives will automatically be on 2.0.

Avon Online Fundraisers

With the new 2.0 system, we will have the ability to create and manage fundraisers online! Imagine how much money we can help a local organization raise, more prospects, and more recruits! It’s a Win-win!

7 Things You Should Know About Avon from RepFest 2018

Signing on Youravon.com

Signing in to the youravon.com Representative portal or back-office will become easier to access by signing up using Facebook.


Espira is an amazing Avon wellness line that will soon include Multi-Vitamins for Kids!


Any person searching for a Representative online will be able to do so with your name. No more confusion!

Double Dollars for All Representatives

Starting in Campaign 22 through Campaign 26, Representatives will receive Double Dollars! Avon will be tracking your sales every step of the way during the busy holiday selling season. You choose which campaign you want to focus on. For the campaign with the highest Award Sales, from C-22 to C-26, you’ll receive double dollars on sales from Brochures, your online store, flyers, outlets, fundraisers, and backorders. Demos, samples, and sales tools count, too!

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