Sign Up To Sell Avon Online Step-by-Step Guide

Did you hear you can sign up to sell Avon for $0! That’s right, you can start your beauty business today for FREE! How awesome is that!

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For some, signing up can be a bit confusing so I decided to do a step-by-step guide on how to sign up to sell Avon. Let’s get started!

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Please enter the information it’s requesting and click CONTINUE.

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Here you will select your language of preference, enter your phone number, your date of birth, and your address. If your shipping address is different, please don’t click the box at the bottom so that you can enter it.


Sign up to Sell Avon Online Step 1




After entering your basic info, you will now select how you want to sign up.
Join Avon Select your starter kit

Select your AVON starter kit here















AVON No-Cost Signup

Your page will look like the picture below. Here it asks you to enter your social security number, please note that this is totally optional, you may provide it later if you wish. Click on the boxes to complete your registration and VOILA! You are now an Avon Representative! 🙂 Congratulations!

Join Avon at No Cost

Join AVON at No-Cost




Signing Up & Making a Contribution

You also have the option of signing up & making a contribution of $5, $10, or $25 to the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer program and services. Please note that signing up and making a contribution does not provide you with a kit, brochures, or samples.

It will ask for your credit card/ or debit card information or you may also pay with PayPal. Social Security is optional, select both boxes, click on Complete Signup and you’re all set!

Sign up to sell AVON by making a Contribution

Sign up to sell AVON by making a Contribution




All The Bestsellers Starter Kit Signup

Last but not least, you may select the All the Bestsellers Starter Kit Signup $30. If you go with this option you will receive everything you need to start selling like a pro, full-size Avon faves and product-packed brochures to share, a $107 value. 1. Enter your credit card/debit card or PayPal 2. make sure your shipping address is correct (AVON will be sending your kit to that address) 3. Click on the boxes to continue 4. Complete signup.

Sign Up To Sell Avon with All The Bestsellers Starter Kit Signup












Sign up To Sell Avon Online Step by Step Guide

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Do you have additional questions? Check out my post How to become an Avon Representative in 2020 Q&A.

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