How to Add Customers to Your Avon Back Office- USA

How to Add Customers to Your Avon Back Office- USA

Hello Beautiful!

First of all, congratulations on stepping out of your comfort zone to become an Avon representative!

Before we get started, please make sure to register your Avon account, if you haven’t done so yet I have a post that guides you step-by-step on how to do that, make sure you check it out.

Ok, so now that you registered your Avon account and set everything up, let’s continue on how to add your customers to your back office. This may be a very simple step that you might think it’s unnecessary, but trust me, you will be so happy you started your business the right way.

I know some people feel more comfortable having everything on paper than virtually but you don’t want to focus a lot of your time on the administrative stuff, writing everything down, filing, to end up losing valuable information in the process.

Let me show you how to start saving all the valuable information in your back office and save your energy for your income-producing activities.

Start your Avon business

What is the Avon back office?

The back office or virtual office as some like to call it is where you will find all the administrative items you need to do to help you have a successful Avon business. Avon provides all its representatives with a FREE back office, yeah, free!

Success in this business, like any other business, does not come easy and is not a get rich quick kind of thing. It takes time and it will all depend on your effort. If you work your business you will see results.

Why is it important to add customers to my back office?

  1. You will have an organized customer database from day 1
  2. If you need to send out bulk mail to your customers, you can print mailing labels
  3. Import & Export all your customers
  4. It makes it easier to follow up with your customers
  5. Makes Invoicing very easy
New Avon representatives tips
Learn how to add customers to your Avon back office.

How to add customers to your Avon back office

log in to your account:

Under Manage Business, click on Web Office (see picture below)

Under Manage Address Book, click on Customers & Groups.

There are 2 pink tabs one that says +Customer and +Group. Click on +Customer to add all your customer’s information.

Avon back office
How To Add a Customer to Your Avon Back Office

When you click on +Customer, there will be a pop-up, shown in the picture below, and enter the information.

If you select +Group, there will be another pop-up saying Create new group.

How To Add a Customer in Your Avon Back Office
How To Add a Customer in Your Avon Back Office

Why should I create a group?

Creating a new group (+GROUP) in your Avon back office can be helpful if you’re doing a fundraiser, or if you have helpers this is a great tool to keep your customers organized.

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