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How to Add Customers to Your Avon Back Office- USA

Hello Beautiful! First of all, congratulations on stepping out of your comfort zone to become an Avon representative! Before we get started, please make sure to register your Avon account, if you haven’t done so yet I have a post…

How to Sign Up to Sell Avon Online in the U.S

Hello Beautiful! In this post, I will show you how to sign up to sell Avon online in the U.S. Let’s get started! If you are from another country and want to purchase Avon products or become a Representative, you…

How To Place Your First Avon Order- New Representatives

Let me start by congratulating you on becoming an Avon Representative! Feeling a little lost? Yeah, I know, but it’s totally fine, you’re just getting started and I don’t expect you to know everything within a couple of days after…

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