Avon What’s New Campaign 3 2020

Avon What's New Campaign 3 2020

Starts: January 8, 2020

Ends: January 21, 2020

Purchase Campaign 3 Demo Products with your Campaign 1 and Campaign 2 2020

Order Avon Campaign 3 2020 brochures when placing your Campaign 1, 2020 order.

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Avon What’s New Campaign 3 2020 is here!

The What’s New brochure is exclusively for Avon Representatives, it gives us the opportunity to get a sneak peek of products that will be launching in the next campaigns. Besides ordering products ahead of time, it also gives us a chance to restock our skincare and fragrance samples, as well as sales tools and display items (optional for representatives, you don’t have to purchase samples to be in business but it sure helps to boost sales).

How Many Products Can Be Purchased From AVON What’s New?

“All of our new products are featured in What’s New. For each item, you can purchase up to two: one for you to try and one to showcase or sell to your customers. You can experience all of the colors, sizes and varieties. For example: if a lipstick comes in eight shades, you can purchase two of each shade.”

“The prices shown in the What’s New is EXACTLY what the Brochure prices will be. Your Preview Product Discount is based on your Commission Level, and will be applied at checkout”.

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Click here to Shop the current Avon Brochure Online

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