Avon What’s New Campaign 26 2021

Introducing Avon What's New Campaign 26 2021, the last catalog in the Avon cycle of 2021.

Avon What's New Campaign 26 2021

The Avon What’s New Campaign 26 2021 is exclusively for Avon Representatives. It gives Representatives a sneak peek of the products that will be available for purchase before the official launch of that campaign.

When can representatives purchase products from the What’s New Campaign 26 catalog?

Representatives may purchase preview (demo) products with their Campaign 24 and Campaign 25 orders.

When can customers start shopping Campaign 26?

Customers can start shopping from the Campaign 26 catalog from November 24, 2021, to December 7, 2021.

When does the next Avon campaign start?

This is the last campaign of the Avon campaign cycle, Campaign 1, 2022 will begin December 8, 2021.

How Many Products Can Be Purchased From AVON What’s New?

“All of our new products are featured in What’s New. For each item, you can purchase up to two: one for you to try and one to showcase or sell to your customers. You can experience all of the colors, sizes, and varieties. For example: if a lipstick comes in eight shades, you can purchase two of each shade.”

Can customers purchase from the What’s New catalog?

Customers are unable to purchase products from the What’s New catalog as it is for Representatives only. If there is a product that customers are interested in, they may purchase it from the regular brochure. Not a representative yet? Sign up to become an Avon Representative and receive special pricing on your favorite Avon products, get amazing discounts and perks.

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Avon What’s New Campaign 26 2021 Catalog

Click to access whatsnew_2021_26_m.pdf

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what's new campaign 26

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