Avon What’s New Campaign 22 2020 Brochure

Avon What's New Campaign 22 2020 Catalog Online

Avon What’s New Campaign 22 2020 Brochure

UPDATE: I am no longer an Avon Representative, I’ve joined another direct sales company and I couldn’t be happier. FYI, I will be leaving all my AVON posts up because it’s a part of my growth and experience with blogging and direct sales. I hope people out there still find this post useful and if you’re looking for a new business opportunity, make sure to check out my post about the new company I joined. 

Avon What’s New Campaign 22 2020 Catalog


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When can Representatives purchase products from the What’s New Campaign 22 catalog?

Representatives may purchase their preview products in Campaign 20 and Campaign 21 orders.

Tip: Make sure to order Campaign 22 catalogs two campaigns ahead.

What is the What’s New brochure?

The What’s New brochure is exclusively for Avon Representatives. It gives representatives the opportunity to get a sneak peek of products that will be available for purchase before the official launch of that campaign.

Can customers purchase from the What’s New brochure?

Customers are unable to purchase products from the What’s New brochure. Become a Representative for FREE and start purchasing products ahead of time. 

Why is it Important for Representatives to see the What’s New catalog?

It’s important for us Representatives to see the What’s New in order to create a marketing plan ahead of time for the new products and sales going on for that campaign.  Besides ordering products ahead of time, it also gives us a chance to restock on skincare and fragrance samples, as well as sales tools and display items (this is totally optional for representatives, you don’t have to purchase samples to be in business but it does help to boost your Avon sales). 



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How Many Products Can Be Purchased From AVON What’s New?

“All of our new products are featured in What’s New. For each item, you can purchase up to two: one for you to try and one to showcase or sell to your customers. You can experience all of the colors, sizes, and varieties. For example: if a lipstick comes in eight shades, you can purchase two of each shade.”

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What is a Contender, Premier, and President’s Club? and Why are the prices different?

CONTENDER (C): A Representative with Award Sales up to $4,999 per year (C1–C26).
PREMIER (P): A Representative with Award Sales of $5,000 to $9,999 per year (C1–C26).
PRESIDENT’S RECOGNITION PROGRAM (PRP): A Representative with Award Sales of $10,000 or more per year (C1–C26).

PREVIEW PRODUCT DISCOUNT: Your What’s New discount is based on your Commission Level. For details about Commission Levels go to > Seller Central > Commissions and Sales Levels.


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