Avon Catalog Campaign 3 2022

Avon Campaign 3 2022 Catalog Online

UPDATE: I am no longer an Avon Representative, I’ve joined another direct sales company and I couldn’t be happier. FYI, I will be leaving all my AVON posts up because it’s a part of my growth and experience with blogging and direct sales. I hope people out there still find this post useful and if you’re looking for a new business opportunity, make sure to check out my post about the new company I joined. 

You may start shopping the Avon Campaign 3, 2022 Catalog Online starting January 5, 2022, through January 18, 2022. See the full brochure here.

This campaign is all about the eyes! We have color-coordinated eyeshadows that will help you create many different looks without breaking the bank!

Enhance your eyes in 3 easy steps!

  1. Accent inner corner
  2. add color to the lid
  3. contour outer corner

Campaign 3 2022 Eyeshadows


Find out which Skin Care Routine is Right For me

Is your skin getting dry or itchy from the cold winter weather? Did you look on my Avon website for the correct skin care products but you’re still having trouble finding the correct ones for your specific needs? No problem! Here is a guide that will help you find the solution for your skincare concerns.

Free Products, and Special Offers in Avon Catalog Campaign 3 2022 Online

Free Isa Knox LXNEW Clinical Booster Microbiome Balance with a select $20 makeup purchase, $40 value.

You Gotta Get The WOW DEAL in Campaign 3!

Products that are included in the WOW DEAL are:

  • Bonus-Size Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil
  • Veilment Natural Spa Bamboo Charcoal Body Scrub & Cleanser
  • Moisture Therapy +Balance and Soothe Body Wash
  • Moisture Therapy +Balance and Soothe Body Lotion
  • Anew Hydra Fusion Gel Cream

Get 5 amazing Avon products for only $50!! That’s a $135 Value for only $50! Wow!

Campaign 3 2022 Wow Deal


Explore my online store for your favorite Avon products: Skin Care, Makeup, Jewelry, Fashion, Fragrances, Wellness, Hair Care, and Home. Shop Avon’s best-selling beauty products online.

Start your Avon business

You’re not an Avon Representative yet? Don’t miss out on this great opportunity and start your Avon business today FREE!

How do I Buy Avon Campaign 3 2022 Products Online?

3 Ways to buy your Avon products

  1. On my Avon website, you can shop by category: Daily Essentials, Makeup, Skin Care, Bath & Body, Hair Care, Fragrance, Jewelry, Fashion, Wellness, Men and Home, and select your favorite Avon products that you want to add to your cart. When you’re ready to checkout, remember to add a Free Avon Catalog to your order.
  2. Place your order by browsing the current Avon Catalog online, select the product(s) you want to purchase, select the quantity, and add to your cart.
  3. At the top right of my website, click on Product #, there you may select the campaign number and enter the product number and quantity, if the product number is correct, it will automatically fill in the product name for you.

Hey, make sure to include a complimentary Avon Catalog before you complete your order!

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