6 Ideas to Boost Your Valentine’s Day Sales

Boost Valentine's Day Sale

Valentine’s day is around the corner and it’s the perfect time to sell amazing Avon products. In this post, I will share with you 6 ideas that will help boost your Valentine’s Day sales. People need our help finding that perfect gift for their loved ones at affordable prices, so let’s get creative and start a gift list today!

Our goal as Avon Representatives is to provide the best customer service possible. You can start by offering Valentine’s Day gifts for her or him, you can create gift certificates so the person can use them whenever they want to buy the products they love.

What are AVON’s Best Sellers?

Avon offers a great variety of products to choose from like skin care, makeup, clothing, body, and hair care but for Valentine’s Day, I am going to say that Fragrances and Jewelry are the best sellers.

6 Ideas to Boost Your Valentine’s Day Sales:

Contact All Your Customers

If you’ve been using your Avon back office correctly, you should have all your customer’s information including a history of the products they’ve ordered.

Call each customer and say something like:

Hello ____, it’s Rosario, your Avon Representative, I’m so excited to let you know I will be having a Valentine’s Day sale starting February 10 through February 14th, and since you’re one of my VIP customers I wanted you to be one of the first ones to know. I will have your favorite scents on sale: Imari, Far Away, Perceive, and Wild Country. I can give you a sneak peek and can stop by your house tomorrow, is morning or afternoon better for you?

Wait for her answer and schedule accordingly. When visiting your customers you can either take your fragrances and other merchandise that you have for sale in a basket or you can also display it nicely in your car and have a trunk sale. However you decide to do it, please make sure to organize your products and make your display look pretty.

Ask for Referrals

If your customer says they are not interested at this time or they already purchased their Valentine’s gifts, say, “Great! I’m glad you have everything ready for Valentine’s Day. Do you have a friend/family member that would be interested in purchasing an Avon gift set at a great price?”

If your customer does provide you with a referral, give him/her a special offer. A discount or a product as appreciation for their referral will bring them back because of your great customer service.

Vendor Events

During this time many schools and other organizations have vendor events. Call your local schools and ask if they will be having a sales event, if so, ask them all the details about registration.

Other places to look for vendor events is:

  1. Craigslist.com, under the community tab there is a section for events in your area.
  2. Facebook, search for community events or in your local groups.
  3. eventbrite.com is also a great place to look for events.

Once you find an event, sign up and assist. If you don’t have a lot of inventory but still wish to participate make sure to take brochures, business cards, samples, and a sign for recruiting purposes. This will be the perfect opportunity to talk to people about becoming an Avon Representative.

Social Media

Nowadays almost everyone has at least one social media account.

If you’re on Facebook:

  1. Write a post about your Valentine’s Day Sale, make sure to attach nice pictures of your gift sets and other products you will be selling.
  2. Ask your friends to share your post and whoever has the most views/likes gets a price, try to make it exciting so everyone wants to participate (who doesn’t like prizes).
  3. Create an event for your Valentine’s Day Sale and share it with your friends and groups. Please do not post on Marketplace, it’s against Avon policy.
  4. If you’re attending a vendor event, make sure to invite your friends and family and ask them to share it.


Tailgates are great in high-traffic areas. Organize the trunk of your car with gift sets by price, I would recommend having something for every budget, ranging from $5 to $40. Also, to make it easier try to arrange them so that all perfumes or women are on one side and for men on the other.

Team Up With a Local Business

Last but not least, team up with local businesses. It can be a convenience store, beauty salon, or even a gas station. Ask them if you can set up a table outside of their parking lot. Here you will want to bring as many products as you can because let’s say someone doesn’t want to buy a gift but wants to get something for themselves they may get a hand cream, a lotion, some skin so soft products or makeup, you never know what people are looking for and if you offer great deals, that’s even better! Don’t forget your business cards and catalogs!

I hope you found these 6 Ideas to Boost Your Valentine’s Day Sales helpful, please share this blog post with your team so they can get ideas and hopefully use a couple of these methods to boost their Avon sales this Valentine’s Day.

In the comments below, let me know what has helped you increase your sales. I look forward to reading your great tips!

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